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Dec 22, 2018

Kim chats with Kelly Collins Lintz, the mom of three The Walking Dead child actors, Madison, Macsen and Matt Lintz.  We talk about her own acting career, life in The Walking Dead family and the challenge of raising decent humans beings in Hollywood.




Dec 22, 2018

Lizzie chats with Jay Bonansinga, author of Self Storage and The Walking Dead companion novels.

Dec 16, 2018

Kim and Lizzie participated in the inaugural weekend of The Walking Dead Studio Tour at the Riverwood Studios.  They were lucky enough to visit the boneyard, Junkyard, Hilltop, Oceanside, Sanctuary, Alexandria along with many other little focal points and surprises.

Dec 15, 2018

Lizzie talks with Erik Feten about Andrew Lincoln's transition from Love Actually to Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead television versus comic, self improvement and chickens.

Dec 8, 2018

Lizzie talks with Tom O'Mara of the 2nd Annual Senoia Dead Bash.  They talk about Tom's life before The Walking Dead, his reactions to it and how it's changed his life since.

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