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Feb 16, 2017

Kim and Lizzie discuss and dissect The Walking Dead episode 7.9 "Rock in the Road"

Jesus leads the group to the Kingdom, to convince King Ezekiel to help them and the Hilltop against the Saviors. Back at Alexandria, Father Gabriel falls into a trap.”

In this episode, Rick stumbles on two rocks before finding his “bag of gold.”  The great Walking Dead lines that we’ll still be repeating years from now and in SPOILED BRAINS, next week’s preview hints at a new bromance! Also, the big walker-killing scene that blew our Zombpocalypse Fantasy Five scores sky high - we'll check out the big tie at the top.  And in Scrambled Brains, Kim tries to persuade Lizzie to give Drew Barrymore's zombie comedy, Santa Clarita Diet a second look.

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