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Jun 28, 2017

Kim and Lizzie discuss and dissect Fear the Walking Dead episode 3.5 "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame."

"An oncoming threat disrupts peace; Madison and Troy search for answers; Alicia must reconcile with her past."

Grab your dentures: We have a really ‘brainy” episode to chew on and pick apart.  In this episode, Broke Jaw Ranch is headed for a showdown with Walker and his group. Could Walker be the real good guy?  Madison uses her dark powers to manipulate Troy, but did she go too far?  Is Nick drinking Jeremiah’s Kool-Aid? And is anyone paying attention to Alicia's free-fall? Also, Daniel and Strand's rocky road trip bears a strange resemblance to a Seinfeld episode.

In SCRAMBLED BRAINS, find out if the Fear the NthCast guys were able to turn Kim and Lizzie into Preacher addicts.  Plus why Kim is OVER and DONE with The Mist.

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